//Gantt Chart Excel – Documentation – Timeline
Gantt Chart Excel – Documentation – Timeline

Gantt Chart Excel – Documentation: Timeline

In addition to the grid portion of the template, the Gantt Chart timeline view also provides an illustrated version of your task list, with Gantt bars that show the duration of your project’s tasks across a timeline. For each task, the associated Gantt bar begins at the start date, and ends at the finish date.



  • Gantt bars are displayed using the start and finish dates for the tasks in your project. They don’t move to reflect the progress of tasks.
  • Task completion percentage is added as an overlay over the gantt bars. This visually communicates progress of the tasks.

The timeline can be viewed in three different views: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. This feature is particularly useful for lengthy projects.


You can also set the number of weeks that you would like to display in the timeline by clicking on the Settings button in the Gantt tab> Select Timeline view and then set the “No of weeks to display in the timeline” option.