How to Create a Gantt Chart in Excel 2013


Gantt charts are a way to visualize how the multiple tasks of a project depend on each other.
There are expensive software that allow you to make these chart but with a little ingenuity, you can create sophisticated Gantt charts with Excel. Although Excel 2013 doesn’t have a built-in Gantt chart wizard like the ones found in other software products, it’s still possible to create professional Gantt charts within Excel 2013 using our amazing excel template.



Let’s Get Started

1. Open our excel template & enable Macros. If you haven’t downloaded our template yet, please click here.


2. Click on the Add Gantt chart button, enter project details and click the Ok button

1     2

3. Instantly, a new Gantt chart worksheet with a timeline will be created for you. A new section and task is created by default so that it is easy for you to get started.


4. Double click Section 1 or select Section 1 and click the edit button

4     5

5. Double click Task 1 or select Task 1 and click the edit button

4     6


6. Add a new section or task by clicking the Add button


From here you can easily customize the Gantt chart, adding milestones, formatting fonts and colors, and adding various details like percent complete etc… In my example below, I added milestones, changed colors for the timeband and changed the image from a flat look to a Gel look. For example, with some tweaks, you can create a timeline that’s sure to impress:


And that’s how easy it is to create Gantt charts in Excel 🙂