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Many of the questions you may have about Gantt Excel can be answered by FAQs. If you don’t find the answer to your question through the FAQs, please contact us using the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activation (1)

Error while activating Gantt Excel license?

If you get this error while activating your file…

Activation Error
The most typical reason is one or more firewall programs or proxy settings are blocking Gantt Excel access to the Internet.

There are two things you can do to resolve this.

  1. Copy the file to a machine that has complete access to the internet, activate it there, save the file and copy it back to the machine you want to use it on (You can use a USB stick to copy the file or just email it to yourself).
  2. Contact us via this page and we’ll activate it for you. We’ll endeavor to get back to you within a few hours, we are usually much quicker than that though.
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General (5)

How do I add additional columns to Gantt Excel?

1. Click on the Settings icon in the Gantt tab

Gantt Chart Excel Settings Icon

2. Navigate to the Columns tab.

3. Type the column name in the Text Box next to the “Insert Column” button and then click the Insert Column button

4. This will add a new column into your Gantt Chart. Gantt Chart Excel allows you to add as many as ten custom columns to your Gantt Chart. This will allow you to enter as much information to your Gantt Chart.

Note – Before you add a column please check if you can use one of the existing system columns. You can also unhide and hide columns from this same settings window or delete any user created column.

Category: General

Gantt Excel Mac Ultimate is compatible with the latest version of Mac 2016. The latest version of Excel 2016 on Mac supports the Gantt Excel ribbon.

Excel 2016 v15.17 for Mac and below does not support custom ribbon menus. You will have to upgrade your Excel 2016 to the latest version.

Excel 2011 for Mac does not support custom ribbon menus. So we have created a main level menu for this version. You can also right-click anywhere in the file to access the menu.

Gantt Chart Excel Mac 2011 Menu

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Gantt Excel version 2.49.3 and above allows you to copy-paste tasks from other excel sheets or programs.

We recommend that you first paste tasks as values and then copy over dates.

Copy-paste should be done one column at a time starting with the task column.
Please note WBS is automatically calculated.

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The worksheets are password protected to protect the gantt chart timeline, formatting, form data and formulas.
You can use all the buttons in the Gantt tab (see image below) and all functionality without unprotecting the sheet.

Gantt Chart Excel RibbonGantt Chart Excel Ribbon

If you have purchased the Pro or Ultimate version and would like to know the password please contact us and we will provide you with the worksheet password.

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Do you use Excel’s Conditional Formatting in Gantt Excel?

No we do not use conditional formatting in Gantt Excel but instead we use Excel Shapes. Conditional formatting in Excel is buggy and using it in Gantt Charts is a strict no no!
Conditional formatting is also known to have compatibility issues between different versions of Microsoft Excel.

We learned this the hard way when we used conditional formatting over two years ago just like all other Gantt chart excel templates and we noticed that CF rules were duplicated unnecessarily and slowing down the Gantt chart calculations. This resulted in a bloated file and the Gantt chart was a disaster of sorts.

So we used simple shapes as timeline bars in Gantt Excel with automation driving the in and out points of the Gantt chart timeline bars. This results in a lightweight file and works accurately as intended.

Gantt Excel allows you to customize the timeline bars easily and create a project timeline to impress.

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Sales (1)

Can I pay using a Credit Card/ Debit Card?

Yes, you can pay via Credit Card/ Debit Card.
We have partnered with 2Checkout and PayPal and both of them accept all major international credit and debit cards.

You can also pay using your credit card via PayPal without creating a PayPal account.

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Reviews 5 Star

Reviews From Around The Globe

People everywhere love Gantt Chart Excel and we thrive off their feedback.
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Gantt Chart Excel Reviews

“Great product, fantastic customer service. Highly recommend this tool for all types of project managers!”

CA, United States

“The chart is amazing and easy to use. This will be a resource I use for years to come! Excellent customer service. Had questions about how to use and they provided solutions almost immediate.”

ON, Canada

“Excellent service and customer support. The product is very intuitive and easy to use. ”

Hilary Reid
Scotland, United Kingdom

“Simple but effective, easy to use but provides all you need to manage a project. Excellent customer support!!”

ON, Canada

“This is an excellent product, very easy to use, easy to buy and great value for money in saved time. You do not need to be an excel expert to use it, the automation of entry does it all for you. I recently showed the website to clients to help with their project planning. They were very pleased and will be adopting it through the company. I needed to contact support to help with a query; their response was quick, efficient and very helpful. Excellent service and great product, I thoroughly recommend Gantt Excel.”

T. Dulieu
Essex, United Kingdom

“This saved a lot of time for me. Having to update a schedule in project, then copy to excel was very time consuming and didn’t allow real time changes in my meetings. Having this done in excel allows me to customize my schedule just like project while adding additional tabs for other information. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from my pears. Well worth the investment and has paid for itself. ”

AL, United States

“I am a new at using Gantt software. So I was very impressed with the speed and thoroughness of their customer service when I had basic questions on how to use the software. They were very thorough in their responses, which made it very easy for me to use. I have purchased similar software before but found them difficult to use and there was no customer service support at all. This is a great product, at a tremendous price, with service you can count on. I have recommended this product to numerous people in my field and will continue to do so.”

Gary L
NV, United States

“Gantt Excel saved the day – And blew me away!
I needed a simple and intuitive Excel Gantt chart to quickly relay project status to business stakeholders comfortable with Excel. After trying a couple, I found GanttExcel and it exceeded expectations! I’ve been in systems for 20+ years and I’m amazed at the design and features of the product – all built in Excel! And the price? Unbelievable! Many thanks – you’ve made another fan!”Chuck S
CT, United States
“Gantt Excel is very intuitive, fast and offers great features…. My clients find the Gantt Chart easy to read and understandable. Project Managers in my team love this tool. ”

Samantha Davis
United Kingdom

“Great product, allows you to customize your project to a good degree. Impressing my Boss!”

IN, United States

“Just what I was looking for, and such a helpful support team. This gives me the ability to produce professional gantt charts, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Well done to the team at Gantt Excel. ”

Gary Forrest
NY, United States

“We are a medium sized company, and have been using GanttExcel for almost a year now. The software is easy to use, as it is fully integrated in Excel. The software offers more than enough features and flexibility for us, to produce good quality project schedules. The Project Dashboard view is very useful for progress reporting.
Customer service is lightning fast.
Overall we are very pleased with the GanttExcel software.
Amazing it can be offered at this price level.”Albert
Sliedrecht , The Netherlands