About Us

Gantt Excel is revolutionizing project management, one company at a time!

Gantt Excel is an easy-to-use, customer-inspired excel template to create Gantt Charts in Excel. 

With changing times, businesses growing, economies flourishing and multitasking being the only tool, the advent of Gantt Excel has been nothing short of miraculous for entrepreneurs and companies across the globe.

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”- Unknown

The exposure to Gantt Charts gave birth to the idea of starting off on our own. We wished to build a business where we could work towards organizing tasks for clients and help them in being at the top of all things related to their projects. Microsoft Excel is the professional standard in all companies across the globe for pretty much anything that requires performing calculations, analysis, and visualization of data and information. This was the spark that got us working towards creating a template that allows users to create Gantt charts in Excel

And, that is exactly what we have been achieving, one milestone at a time, since we started in the year 2015. In just a short while, we have customers like Amazon.com, Inc and General Electric (GE) planning projects in Gantt Excel.

Gantt Excel can be used extensively in planning projects, big and small, and is a very accurate way of showcasing tasks to be done on a specific day. Right from the start day to the day of project completion, Gantt Excel offers a detailed overview at every step.

We work with the motto of “Make Life Simpler.”

Working in the corporate sector for many years made us realize the challenges often faced to keep a bird’s eye view on all that happened.

We work with a straightforward strategy: Minimise Chaos, Maximise Consistency.
Work can be chaotic. That is precisely what we don’t wish our clients to face. We understand that every business and every individual is hard-pressed for time today and we aim to step in, in every way we can, to help achieve better project management.
Our sights are set on delivering valuable, graphics-based project management applications that are simple to use and at the same time impressive.

The fact that we have been able to deliver what we promise, speaks more about our passion and drive than words ever could.

Download Gantt Chart Excel – You will be impressed!