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Project Dashboards are a Project Manager's Best Friend.

Project Dashboards help in connecting people and enabling teamwork.
Strong project management software alone isn’t enough if no one can see what anyone else is doing.
 In today’s busy organizations, project and program managers need to know exactly how the projects they’re responsible for are doing.
But they also rarely have the time to read through detailed status reports covering all aspects of the project.

Keep all interested parties in touch with the status of your project – from team members to project sponsors and top management,
a project dashboard is the best way to easily communicate key project details.

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Our project management dashboard allows you to aggregate data from your Gantt Charts into one powerful view of the project status.

Creating a Project Dashboard

Download our Gantt Chart template and enter all the tasks for the project.
Click the Dashboard button and the project dashboard is instantly created based on the Gantt chart.

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Project & Task Status

Gantt Chart Project Dashboard

Project Budget & Tasks Costs

Project Budget Costs

Project Dashboard Features

When you are managing your project, you need to have instant access to the most important data as simply as possible.

Gantt Charts Made Super Easy

Manage your Project Timeline, Tasks and Workload like a Pro.