Gantt Chart Excel Template 2.40 – Documentation: Customize the Gantt Chart Timeline Colors

The timeline gantt bars are made of two colored shapes.

  1. One colored shape that represents the beginning to end of the task.
  2. The second colored shape that overlays the task shape to represent the percentage of task completion.

Default Gantt Bar Colors

Default colors can be changed across the sheet by clicking on the Settings button in the Gantt tab and selecting the Timeline tab. From here double click the default green colors to any color of your choice and click the Update button.


The timeline will instantly update the default colors of all tasks with the newly selected colors.

Changing Colors of Individual Sections & Tasks

You can also change the color of each individual section or task.

  1. To do this, click on the Settings button in the Gantt tab and select the Columns tab.
  2. Un-hide the columns “Bar Color” & “% Color” and close the settings popup.
  3. Two new columns will show up in the timeline. Double click each cell to change the color of the gantt/ percentage bar.


Note: You can also multi-select the cells, Use the “Fill” option in the Home tab of Excel and then right-click in the grid and select Redraw Timeline. This will update all the gantt bars instantly.