Create Construction Gantt Charts in Excel

Our Construction Gantt Chart template allows anyone to create Professional-looking Gantt Charts in minutes.

When planning a construction project, a Gantt Chart is a must. The popularity of the Gantt chart in the Construction industry is understandable. There are many advantages to using it. It is tried and tested and it is a relatively simple method of making sure that a construction project runs smoothly and stays on track.

What exactly is a Gantt Chart? Well, in very simple terms, it is a bar chart that is used to illustrate a variety of details about any construction project, such as when it should be started and completed, and what activities are included as part of it. By developing a building schedule – a plan, the owner/ builder knows in advance when every facet of the job is to begin and when it should be completed. This is a planning function and is carried out before the job is begun.

Here is an example of a Construction Gantt Chart.

Create a Construction Gantt Chart that gives you the ability to see every step of your project from beginning to end.

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Create Construction Gantt Charts in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 on Windows and Excel 2016 & 2019 on macOS.
Also works on all versions supported by Office365/ Microsoft 365.


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Gantt Excel Construction Charts

The Gantt Chart Excel template for construction projects by Gantt Excel is an easy and effective approach to project manage small and large construction projects.

Planning construction projects can be a tricky business, you need to plan each phase carefully. Creating and managing a construction project schedule is a challenge for many construction business owners. The solution is Gantt Excel. From home construction and residential construction to commercial buildings, industrial construction, Gantt Excel is a great way to get started on any construction project. Gantt Excel is also turning out to be the industry standard for planning construction projects.

Collaborate with your team, subcontractors, architects and clients on your next projects using Gantt Excel. Use the Gantt chart template to actively plan, track progress, stay on schedule, and communicate with all stakeholders. This ensures that all goals are met, expectations set clear and the project is on schedule.

If you use Excel, you can create a Gantt chart/ project timeline for planning construction activities with almost no learning curve by downloading our Gantt Chart Excel Template. Excel is instantly familiar, so everyone on your team “gets it” and hits the ground running.

When planning construction projects always create an overall company schedule along with the individual project schedules.

Construction Company Schedule

This overall company schedule displays the scheduling information for all current and upcoming projects. The benefits of creating a Company Schedule are the ability to see how far out your construction company is booked, where conflicts between projects may arise, any gaps in work, and when the major and minor milestones are required to be completed.

Here are a few necessary steps in building your Construction Project Schedule:

  1. List all the Phases of the Project.
  2. Break down the phases into individual child tasks.
  3. Establish the required Milestones for each Phase of the project.
  4. Set the task dependencies for each task and any overlap that can occur between tasks.
  5. Publish the Gantt Chart.
  6. Review the Project Schedule continuously with all stakeholders and make changes as required.
  7. Coordinate changes in the Project Schedule to the Company Schedule each week.

Our construction Gantt chart excel template also accounts for Costs which is very important while planning construction projects. We have two levels of costs.

Project Budget (Estimated & Baseline)


Task Level Costs (Estimated, Baseline & Actuals)

With this, you have a clear idea of what are the costs involved in the project and the client too is happy that all costs are tracked in a single document.

Construction Gantt Chart Project Budget Costs

The other interesting feature is a Project Dashboard. The project management dashboard in Gantt Excel gives project managers, team members, and stakeholders an instant overview of the status and progress of the project. Your clients will be very impressed when they see the project summary as a dashboard. It provides a clear idea of the project plan and indicates current progress of the project.

Gantt Chart Excel Project Dashboard

Construction Gantt Chart Samples

Here are two construction gantt chart sample files that were exported from Gantt Excel.

Construction Gantt Chart Sample – PDF File

Construction Gantt Chart Sample – Excel XLSX File

Construction Gantt Charts Made Super Easy

Manage your construction project timeline, tasks and workload like a Pro.

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